molly_world (molly_world) wrote,

The Journey is afternoon and I have not starved. Today I discovered that cottage cheese and peaches is ACTUALLY yummy and that by giving up my 2 cups of breakfast cereal for a more resonable 3/4 cup, I was able to include said cottage cheese, peaches, sugar-free jello, cheetos (only one ounce, sigh) and raisins. So, I've had snacky food all day and I am feeling like I might not die. Of course, I did some strength training in the office while no one was here, so I may die from that. Or a tumor. Or being shot. Probably by lorebubeck or lady_kaolin. I'm sure I won't deserve it, smile.

For those who offered to be diet buddies, you're on!!! We'll all look wonderful and be much more able to PARTICIPATE in our hobby. Let's hope our husbands can keep up! Hahaah Of course, the universe may not be ready for a thinner Molly...just think how much truoble I'll be able to cause then! (Is anyone else hearing 'Pinky & The Brain' playing in the background?'s just me then. Bwahahahaha)
Tags: weight loss

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