molly_world (molly_world) wrote,

The longest journey...

...begins with a single step. My mom's recent bout with open heart surgery has prompted my to be more proactive about my own health. I had made a bet with her years ago that I would be more physically active the day she quit smoking. Well...she's a 12 day non-smoker and I just hit 237 lbs. Now's a great time to make good on that bet. So...I've got 72 lbs to go for health. I'm probably not going to be giving up much of anything (I know my own personality and decreeing something is "off limits" will only ensure I HAVE to have a double scoop of's a shortcoming, but I'm OK with my personal smallness). So folk, today is the first day of the dreaded "portion control". I am certain I will starve to death. Sigh...

I've also re-dedicated myself to my eliptical workouts (they dropped off with mom being sick). My goal is 30 minutes three times a week, to ultimately work up to 1 hour five times a week. (This is also for stress relief, not just "I want to be hot". I'm finding that with pouring so much energy into the Barony, my mother and my family, I have precious little left for me. I found that having workout time was almost as good as a "calgon moment", smile.) Of course, I HATE working out, and really have to negotiate with myself to get started. Once I'm going, I do really well and will often lengthen my workout just because I'm feeling good. My husband has decided to get onboard with this life change as well, and had decreed that for whatever time I spend on the eliptical, he will go 15 minutes longer. I'm gonna leave him in the dust, hahahaha. He's also interested in trying to eat a little heathier, so looks like mom's illness might result in life change for all of us.'s the day...we're off. I'll update periodically to keep myself honest.
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