molly_world (molly_world) wrote,

Hey buddy, can you spare a soul?

Back on 4/28/09, I posted about the concept of not poisoning the well. Today, in class my teacher mentioned the Judaic concept of tikkun olam, which is in a nutshell, healing the world around you. But he described it as healing the WOUND, which really resonated with me. One of the things that brings me a lot of joy is trying to make the world around me better. Some days, I can do this in a major way, other days...well, let's hope God grades on a curve, smile. I wanted to talk about it on FB, but I'm not sure I could express it in 150 words or less, smile.

So, the idea of healing the wound set me off on this little mind trip thinking about how there are opportunities around us all the time to help heal the wounds of the world. Now, few of us are ever going to impact the world by curing cancer or finding an exercise we can do while flopped like a jellyfish on the couch. But there are people hurting all around you. Sometimes, it is the scars of past abuse or the effects of a bad day leaving someone emotionally bruised and raw. Sometimes the person in question seems like such a mess, you just want to tiptoe past and hope they don't make eye contact. Because it's scary dealing with hurt people. And somehow, we're scared that we'll get it on we might catch the "black-cloud cooties". I'm not suggesting pouring endless amounts of energy into every black-hole of emotional need that comes along, but maybe we can spare just a little compassion, a little kindness to someone who might be hurting. Sometimes, people just need to hear that they're pretty. I don't know if I can write well enough to inspire anyone else with this concept, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

PS- Don't worry...aliens have not carried off the self-centered, cocktail-swilling, stiletto-loving fabulousness that is myself...I just take an occasional break for introspective growth and reflection. And then I take some aspirin and lie down, smile.


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