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More Naval Lint

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety" - Ben Franklin

So, it's been an interesting week in my computer ethics class. I've been having a grand time learning about the differences between what public companies and private ones can do WRT employee monitoring and some of the laws that have come into being as a result of the Internet development/Post 9-11 panic (and boy, is the Constitution a GOOD thing...when we're following it).

I just found out that you (and I) as individuals have the RIGHT to maintain our anonymity. It's protected as part of our First Amendment right to free speech. I did not know this. I don't HAVE to give my zip code, phone number and the name of my first born to any checkout girl who asks. I don't HAVE to do phone surveys during dinner. And I SHOULD be pissed off if a company sells my personal information to a third party to make a quick buck off me.

It's really making me wonder what else I (and the rest of the average American population) doesn't know. (No smarty-pants commentary here...I know that what I DON'T know would fill another universe, smile). But really, I'm wondering if we're getting so bombarded with "fluff" like reality TV, LJ (god luvs you all) and Disney Pop-Stars that we're being snowballed here. I kind of resent that I cannot be an anonymous individual if I choose to be and that my personal information isn't be safeguarded at all, but that I'm expected to give it out to anyone who asks for it. I wonder if I'm becoming more suspicious of "big brother" as I get older...and if I should start looking for a bunker in the Montana wilderness (isn't that where all the militants come from? Do you think they'll have a DSW nearby? I don't think I can be a good militant without the right set of stilettos...cause nothing sez "serious b*tch like patriotic stilettos, smile.) 


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