molly_world (molly_world) wrote,

The calm after the storm

Our stepping down was made of so much win, I fear I won't do it justice. I was so worried about everything going well...I think I was more nervous than I was when we stepped up, smile. Suddenly, polishing the coronets to pass time was my all-consuming obsession...they're probably significantly thinner now, hahahaha

After stepping down, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do to occupy myself, so I fell back on an old Caidan tradition...I've never known a cook to refuse a dish washer, hahahaha. Sudsy water and good company made for just what I needed...and Orla ROCKED and kept the hot water flowing. The challenges with the site just kept adding up...the dishwashing facilities featured two home sized sinks and water that was tepid at best. But, I was happy to be occupied and I think it let Lore and Cathal have their moment to shine as our new B&B (they looked wonderful and you could really tell they'd put a lot of effort preparing to step up). It's funny...even when you know what it's like (in theory), nothing can prepare you for what it's REALLY like (kinda like having kids, hahahah) I hope they have enough good moments to balance the bad and that their decisions are made out of love for the group (best advice I ever got).

Other bits of "win": a shoe-a-day calendar from Orla & Tirzah...shoe LOVE!! William the Younger is now one of my favorite people in Atlantia for bending his will to the whim of a lady and agreeing to dance (even though I am sure he would have rather been ANYWHERE else at the moment, grin). Seeing dancing at a Dun Carraig event...lead by PEERS!! (And not me!) Doing my part (with the assistance of the event attendees) to make better the day of the autocrat. I saw a King and Queen rise to ensure their kitchen crew did not need to also tackle clean up (and was humbled and inspired by both their company & actions during the event).

Best (and sweetest) win for me of the ENTIRE event: Being called before their Majesties to hear my archery champion (I think he's about 11?) read his letter of recommendation asking their Majesties to award me their kingdom level service award, the Opal. I think I could have hear praise from a thousand gilded tongues, and none would have touched me so deeply as that simple letter. I am unworthy and it broke my heart from sweetness. I cried.

And Orla...thank you for the egg-whites and the apples/pears...the were cooked as omlets and we all enjoyed a nummy apple/pear pie this evening. And ignored the phone. WIN!


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