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Like giving crack to an addict...

I got to ride this weekend!!! I signed up for a trail ride and expected just a lazy, eat popcorn & chill in that armchair they call a western saddle snooze fest. Man, was I pleasantly surprised (and delighted). We had some serious hills (the kind you're laying on your horse for), some decent movement and best of all...some jumps!!! SQUEEE!!! I wish the guy leading the trail ride would not have kept stopping every few minutes, but his job is to keep everyone safe, not cater to my personal whims, sigh.

Note to self...self, you cannot jump in a western saddle like you do in an english saddle. When you come forward, there's a little raised area (the swell/pommel) holding that pesky thing called a horn. I have the funniest bruises on the inside of my thighs from forgetting about saddle differences and bringing myself forward into the jump, only to crash my thighs into the swell. Could be worse...could have gotten a horn in the groin, hahaha.  Thank god I'm a girl.

So...I had SO much fun and I'm REALLY wanting to start Mommy/daughter lessons with Kailey. (repeating as needed). In other news...Kailey rode her first real post as a trot...I am SO proud of her!! When I see her riding, it's hard to remember that she's only 5 and hasn't been doing it very long. Dee's family are all riders...maybe it's genetic memory?

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