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More politics: War of the Roses!!

Alas dear friends, I cannot continue to ignore the treachery of my once beloved husband. I have shielded his bloodthirsty nature from public viewing in the past, but I can no longer pretend he is anything other than a knuckle-dragging Viking. I present for your viewing, evidence of our differing treatment of our populace:

Wars must be paid sword point, if needed!!

The Baron's evil 'fighter recruitment' policy in action!!! 

He uses the fighters of the Barony for his own evil ends!!

Even members of the Chivalry are not safe from his evil plotting!!!

I, on the other hand, am sweetness and light personified!! (Look, I'm even wearing red out of love and support for my husband!!) Please lend me your talents this Saturday as I strive to assist my husband in seeing the errors of his heavy-handed ways! My shoes will not go quietly into the night!!! White shall prevail!

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