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War of the Roses- More propaganda

Recently, a certain misleading photograph has been circulated depicting a certain Baroness in what might be considered to be a "compromising" position:

Now, while (on the surface) this photo might lead people (ie. - my populace) to certain tawdry conclusions, I must protest that I was merely supporting the Poor Brothers of Drafn, distributing alms that these poor knights might find clothing that would shelter them from the harsh winters of the Aten desert. None of these funds came from Baronial coffers, but were eked (eked, I say!!) from my own meager profits earned from selling yarn I had spun from the lint gathered from my own pockets. Oh, the humanity!! The things I do for the betterment of my fellow

The Baron's evil grows...the vengeance of this man will know no end until the last pair of shoes are purged from my closest! Help me're my only hope!!

For more information on the War of the Roses, please see: stuff: This is a fictional unrest intended to spark interest in Dun Carraig's upcoming 'War of the Roses' event. It is not an accurate representation of Molly & Erwin, the Barony of Dun Carraig or the SCA, Inc. It is an accurate representation of the knights pictured (sorry guys!), but they gave consent to be part of our evil propaganda campaign. And they better not try to back out of it, 'cuz you know we've got pictures of them that are even worse.
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