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Dun Carraig Baronial Birthday- War of the Roses


Unto my stalwart Seadogs and to all the populace of Atlantia does Baron Erwin Bloodaxe send greetings.

Recently, my once devoted baroness has been spreading foul untruths about my designs for the Barony of Dun Carraig.  Her shameless propaganda has conveniently neglected to mention that for the past year, she has been secretly selling off the weapons and armor in the baronial armory.  And for what?  SHOES!  Though our home overflows with shoes, still she must have MORE.  Her greed, her pure avarice for shoes cannot be sated, though she drains the baronial coffers.  When will the madness stop?

And worse, she's corrupting the youth of the barony, including our own dear daughter, with her questionable priorities.   

As if this weren't enough, and as if her "fighter beautification project" was not bad enough, word has reached my ears that her unwarranted and unfair treatment of the barony's fierce warriors extends to the rapier fighters as well as the armoured ones.  It has been reported that she has deprived Our rapier fighters of their hard earned chocolate and cookies.
Further, after she attended University, she was seen by several to behave in a manner most unseemly for a lady of her estate--flirting shamelessly with a number of young men.
Baron Erwin Bloodaxe of Dun Carraig
penned by Lady Adriana Michaels, His Excellency's Propaganda Offic---um, that is, Scribe, yes that's it...Scribe   
(It should go without saying, but this is all tounge-in-cheek silliness designed as entertainment leading up to Dun Carraig's Baronial Birthday. It is not intended to accurately represent the views of Baroness Mary Isabel, Baron Erwin, the Barony of Dun Carraig or the SCA.  No Baronage or rapier fighters were harmed in the creation of this missive.) 


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