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War of the Roses- Molly's Fighter Beautification Project

     Unto My friends and supporters of My just cause, I weep as I write this missive, as My heart is breaking. It has come to My attention that My beloved husband has grown dissatisfied with My efforts on behalf of the Barony...even though, I have ever worked to better the plight of those around Us, and to embrace those virtues of a goodly and obedient wife. It occurred to Me that Our fighters were not as spectacularly appareled as those of Our neighboring Baronies, and so (in a spirit of compassion and charity), I have worked to create new livery for the Baronial fighters, that they might sparkle as brightly as the stars in the heaven and instill terror into the hearts of our enemies. It is My dearest hope that My endeavors will turn aside His Excellency's displeasure, that He might once again think favorably on His devoted wife and return Our people to peace and prosperity.



Legal mumbo-jumbo: This is an on-going effort to entertain those who might be considering attending our upcoming War of the Roses event. It is intended as light hearted fun and is not an accurate
representation of Erwin & Molly, Dun Carraig or the SCA, Inc. No children were traumatized in the creation of the 'fighter livery'...but we may be sponsoring a collection for therapy when David becomes a teenager...(again...this is just a joke...)
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