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Dun Carraig Baronial Birthday: First shot over the Bow

My sooper seekret network of giggly and bouncy spies has intercepted a message from His Excellency; even now my mind can scarcely grasp what is happening. We always write our missives to the Barony together, but I have in my hot little hands both our letter to the Seadogs...and one allegedly written by my beloved pookie bear that power hungry war- monger!

He writes to our most loyal chronicler (if it can be called WRITING):
     Please posts in cliff notes from me … don’t tell molly... let the WAR start……….;)
            "Unto MY most Savage and Loyal Seadogs does your dread Baron send greetings. We have grown and prospered during these past few years, due in no small part to MY guidance and even-handed management. There are SOME PEOPLE who would think little of spending the Barony's HARD EARNED profits on frivolous stuff (like cooking supplies and Tattoos). These SAME PEOPLE (hint: they like shoes) think ALL fighters should spend their free time making largess and such. Next, they'll be asking us to spout POETRY!! ENOUGH, I say! Leave the guidance of Land and Subjects to those capable of rational, right-thinking intellect, and let THOSE PEOPLE concentrate on the TRUE duties of a loyal WIFE and subject. Let not your heart be moved by honeyed reasoning, for many are the tricks of the devil...and a well kept home is a true testament to the worth of an honest woman!!
More to follow,
Erwin, Baron of Dun Carraig"

(Photo is from Ursus...he rocks!! Check out his site:

More information to follow as the plot thickens...see  for event announcements and more details...check back later for Erwins entrails!

Legal mumbo-jumbo: This is the first of an on-going effort to entertain those who might be considering attending our upcoming War of the Roses event. It is intended as light hearted fun and is not an accurate representation of Erwin & Molly, Dun Carraig or the SCA, Inc. (because you know someone will just not get that it's a joke...)

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