Hey buddy, can you spare a soul?

Back on 4/28/09, I posted about the concept of not poisoning the well. Today, in class my teacher mentioned the Judaic concept of tikkun olam, which is in a nutshell, healing the world around you. But he described it as healing the WOUND, which really resonated with me. One of the things that brings me a lot of joy is trying to make the world around me better. Some days, I can do this in a major way, other days...well, let's hope God grades on a curve, smile. I wanted to talk about it on FB, but I'm not sure I could express it in 150 words or less, smile.

So, the idea of healing the wound set me off on this little mind trip thinking about how there are opportunities around us all the time to help heal the wounds of the world. Now, few of us are ever going to impact the world by curing cancer or finding an exercise we can do while flopped like a jellyfish on the couch. But there are people hurting all around you. Sometimes, it is the scars of past abuse or the effects of a bad day leaving someone emotionally bruised and raw. Sometimes the person in question seems like such a mess, you just want to tiptoe past and hope they don't make eye contact. Because it's scary dealing with hurt people. And somehow, we're scared that we'll get it on we might catch the "black-cloud cooties". I'm not suggesting pouring endless amounts of energy into every black-hole of emotional need that comes along, but maybe we can spare just a little compassion, a little kindness to someone who might be hurting. Sometimes, people just need to hear that they're pretty. I don't know if I can write well enough to inspire anyone else with this concept, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

PS- Don't worry...aliens have not carried off the self-centered, cocktail-swilling, stiletto-loving fabulousness that is myself...I just take an occasional break for introspective growth and reflection. And then I take some aspirin and lie down, smile.

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The calm after the storm

Our stepping down was made of so much win, I fear I won't do it justice. I was so worried about everything going well...I think I was more nervous than I was when we stepped up, smile. Suddenly, polishing the coronets to pass time was my all-consuming obsession...they're probably significantly thinner now, hahahaha

After stepping down, I was at a bit of a loss as to what to do to occupy myself, so I fell back on an old Caidan tradition...I've never known a cook to refuse a dish washer, hahahaha. Sudsy water and good company made for just what I needed...and Orla ROCKED and kept the hot water flowing. The challenges with the site just kept adding up...the dishwashing facilities featured two home sized sinks and water that was tepid at best. But, I was happy to be occupied and I think it let Lore and Cathal have their moment to shine as our new B&B (they looked wonderful and you could really tell they'd put a lot of effort preparing to step up). It's funny...even when you know what it's like (in theory), nothing can prepare you for what it's REALLY like (kinda like having kids, hahahah) I hope they have enough good moments to balance the bad and that their decisions are made out of love for the group (best advice I ever got).

Other bits of "win": a shoe-a-day calendar from Orla & Tirzah...shoe LOVE!! William the Younger is now one of my favorite people in Atlantia for bending his will to the whim of a lady and agreeing to dance (even though I am sure he would have rather been ANYWHERE else at the moment, grin). Seeing dancing at a Dun Carraig event...lead by PEERS!! (And not me!) Doing my part (with the assistance of the event attendees) to make better the day of the autocrat. I saw a King and Queen rise to ensure their kitchen crew did not need to also tackle clean up (and was humbled and inspired by both their company & actions during the event).

Best (and sweetest) win for me of the ENTIRE event: Being called before their Majesties to hear my archery champion (I think he's about 11?) read his letter of recommendation asking their Majesties to award me their kingdom level service award, the Opal. I think I could have hear praise from a thousand gilded tongues, and none would have touched me so deeply as that simple letter. I am unworthy and it broke my heart from sweetness. I cried.

And Orla...thank you for the egg-whites and the apples/pears...the were cooked as omlets and we all enjoyed a nummy apple/pear pie this evening. And ignored the phone. WIN!


The passing of a Kitty = much suckage

Nothing I could say would express the coolness that was Kitty (if you count her being an uber-geeky, funny, party buddy with a wicked sense of humor as "cool" in your book) or the loss that will be felt by her passing. For my military friends, I sum it up in the infamous- "That sucks"...and you all know what I mean.

Like Grant...another one leaves too soon (and too many others overstay their welcome, sigh)
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good or evil

On chivalry and courtesy and such like things...

I could not help myself. If I had to hear one more person describe taking his (or her) own leg during SCA combat as "chivalrous" on the MR, I was going to SCREAM. My excuse is that they were just waving these ideas and theories around, like, like catnip...just TRYING to tempt me to jump in into the middle...catnip, I say!! So I waded into the chivalrous vs. courteous discussion. It went back and forth for a bit and the gist of it is that folks in the SCA often say "chivalry" when they mean "courtesy". Good thing is...I didn't get anything icky on me...and I finally have a use for all those hours (minutes?) I spent reading about courtly love and it's background in history to prepare the questions for the Ladies Gallery in Dun Carraig. And I think some of the fighters might actually be listening...without me even needing to scream "boobies!" or anything.  (And I seekreetly suspect that some of the fighters might be a little smarter that I gave them credit for. May have to upgrade master plan to take over universe a little more).

So...back to my sparkly tale (I could really use some sparkle right back there) - A good gentleman posted that he did not know where to find knowledge of such topics, and my reply is below (sorry to inflict twice for those who saw it on the MR):

Well, personally, I find that the tale of the Loathly Lady from the Wife of Bath's Tale (Chaucer) is inspiring. There's a portion where she is rebuking the knight for his arrogance and unkindness towards her, and the list she provides of what constitutes gentility is humbling:

"Find him who is most virtuous alway,
Alone or publicly, and most tries aye
To do whatever noble deeds he can,
And take him for the greatest gentleman."

"If nobleness were implanted naturally
Within a certain lineage, down the line,
In private and in public, I opine,
The ways of gentleness they'd alway show
And never fall to vice and conduct low."

"He is not gentle, be he duke or earl;
For acting churlish makes a man a churl.
Gentility is not just the renown
Of ancestors who have some greatness shown,
In which you have no portion of your own. " has a good modern English translation (for those who get nervous at the thought of Middle English, smile).

Nota bene: Of course, the fact that I actually confess to knowing some of this stuff is further proof that I am destined to be a crazy old cat lady, with droopy kneehighs curled up with her Harlequin romances lamenting to loss of romance as I once knew it. I think I shall order a fainting couch with which to array myself in my dotage. Hahahahah

Of course this increadibly whitty post might also be the by-product of a very happy Molly who's taken a really BIG sleeping pill. I must stop typing now to prevent undignified drooping of the breastesses onto the keyboard. populace FEARS me, yep they do...I can hear their howls of terror as I approach...funny thing how howls of terror sound suspiciously like howls of laughter. Might need to investigate that later and flog the offenders. I'll pick out my offenders in the morning. Nighty-night!!
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Help me LJ Brain Trust! (PUHLEEZZEE)

I want to be a Superhero for Halloween, but am plumb out of ideas and inspiration. If you were to make me a Superhero, what would my superpowers be? (And for God's sake...whatever will I wear?!)

Keep it family friendly, hahahaha...I will NOT be screening your comments and any particularly tacky ones will involve me and my network of giggly & bouncy spies making vast fun of you over large quantities of booze.
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I haz a project done!!! (Finally!)

A little over a year ago, my darling commissioned me for a knighting towel for Sir Theron's vigil. I finished the basic design in time for the vigil, but asked for it's return so that I could finish embellishing it. Now, I'm not going to go into exactly WHAT the payment entailed (go ahead and splash in the gutter...I'll wait), but I should have charged double, grin. The embroidery is white linen on a white linen ground (opus teutonicum...aka: German White work). Holy wonder those nuns went BLIND! Photos behind the cut ('cuz I luvs mah friends list):Collapse )
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This pretty much sums up my time as Baroness...

> Whatever will a poor Baroness do without proper supervision (insert evil
 grin here)?!
> Molly

The same thing a poor Baroness does *with* supervision, of
course---cause trouble. I just won't be there to get the quotes, and
Lore won't be there to hold your coronet.


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RIP to a legend (to me)

I just received the sad news of the passing of Dame Elinor Windemere of the Moors. I didn't know her well as a person, only as an ideal. I'm sure there would be people to line up to tell me her flaws, but death at least allows her to be thought of in a better light. I only know her kindnesses to a new girl just starting in the SCA, and sensing for the first time what REAL power was.

I remember seeing Elinor walking across a field at a Leodamas of Thebes event in Calafia. She had been a Baroness, a Peer and any number of things. But I didn't know any of that. I saw an older, heavier-set woman, dressed rather simply that day in a linen chiton. As she walked across the field, I saw people make a path for her, turn towards her rather than away. When she spoke (I'll never know what she said, as her speech at the time was quiet and measured), things started to happen. She wore no mark of rank or office, but even a young person could see that she had INFLUENCE. It shaped my vision of what I wanted for myself in this game. It wasn't about having a coronet or a title, it was about being able to make SOMETHING happen.

I remember her generousity towards me when I first started in the SCA. I attended a newcomers class she was teching on how to use commercially available patterns to make SCA garb. If it took me 30 minutes to copy down information on an envelope she was holding, she held it there the whole time until I was finished. She didn't stop her class, but there was no sighing, rolling of eyes or any other indication that I was in any way an inconvenience. I purchased one of her old gowns at a Baronial fundraiser. It really was a monstrosity left over from her early years as a costumer, but I was so proud to have it. ELINOR of the MOORS made it...(and it was far fancier than anything _I_ could have made at that time...maybe even now, hahahaha). And I felt like a queen when I was wearing it. When she saw me at an event, her first words were not to point out that I was wearing her cast off garb, but to tell me I looked far better in it than she ever had. I probably wore that dress another year just based on that sweet praise. I know that generosity of spirit (from Elinor and others) is what kept me coming back to the SCA and was like a lifeline to a new person trying to swim in a sea of unknown customs and culture.

I didn't know her in any real sense, but I will miss her. I hope I can remember her best attributes and carry them forward. And that people will forget her worst.


Long time, no post

I wish I could say I've been having some exotic or earth shattering adventure, but I've pretty much been picking 'em up & puttin' 'em down.

I got a promotion (and a raise!), go me! Really thrilled about that, especially in this economy. I felt funny being bitter when I didn't get the promotion when my contract was renewed at the beginning of July. There are so many people out of work, or whose jobs are hanging on by a thread. It felt a little...small. On the flip side, I really busted my butt for the last 6 months learning a whole new position so I could BE promoted and felt like my chain was being jerked around. I'm glad all is resolved and will be setting in to my new responsibilities as they come. Thinking about buying something decadent to celebrate, but will probably just pay down another bill. (I'm doing FABU at getting rid of our old debt...well, D's having something to do with it, working a lot of OT, hahahaha)

Took my Forensic Biology final. That was a VERY cool class. Once you get over the "eeewww" factor, decomposition is pretty fascinating. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to volunteer to be locked in a small air-tight room with a juicy week-old corspe, but it was fascinating (sorry about the "eeewww" moment there). If only I could do that job without having to SMELL the danged thing.

We're stepping down in a few months (October, it looks like). Folks are working to get our stepping down/Investiture of new B&B scheduled and settled. I keep teasing them that I am NOT staying on and dragging their butts planning the event is not going to prolong the inevitable, hahahah I am so proud of my group and sad to be stepping down. (I'm READY, don't get me wrong, but I'll be sad too). I hope we made a difference. I hope I'll be able to get back to the point in the SCA where I can feel like "it's not my problem" and just enjoy myself. You become pretty invested in the success of your groups (and by extension, the success of your Kingdom and the SCA in general). Not that you're responsible for the whole SCA, hahaha, but you start to feel like what you're doing can shape people's perception and enjoyment of the hobby, so you step up a little more, you put a little more into in, you give a little more. Then, a few years have gone by and you realize it's been a while since you just "attended" an event. When you go to an event, you're always looking to see that things are getting taken care of, that folks are having a good time. You look to make sure that Suzy new person is made to feel welcome and that no one leaves the Gate money with a juvenile or that your cooks aren't stabbing the Exchequer because she asked for receipts one too many times. It's not that I don't care (or don't want to care)...I think I just need to have some time to not be responsible. It's funny though, because I love being Baroness. I love being able to make a difference and have an impact (hopefully for good)on the people around me. I guess it's a bit of a double edged sword. And I feel like one heck of a whiner for pointing out the down side. I used to roll my eyes when ever someone lamented about "the burden of the crown" and think: "Dude!! You've got the coolest job in the SCA!!". And you know what, being Baroness IS the coolest job in the SCA....and it's a JOB. I'm ready for my cocktails and cabana boys now! I'll take a rest for a bit and then get back to being a "power-hungry Baroness" conquering the universe in a few months, hahahaha